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Twitter’s Anti-Trans Problem

Just as with racists, homophobes, and other bigots, Twitter is littered with accounts that voice anti-trans propaganda. I encounter them from time to time, whenever JK Rowling makes another pro-TERF tweet, or if a celebrity posts something in support of trans people. The comments are riddled with “Trans women are men” and it’s variations, as well as the old “it’s a mental illness” bullshit, which I fight against wholeheartedly. And I report their accounts as well as their tweets. And every once in a while, twitter will lock trans accounts(and trans ally accounts) for standing up to these bigots, in essence twitter defends anti-trans bigotry. That is Twitter’s anti-trans problem. And they’re probably not going to try to fix it.

Twitter Account Locked…..for the dumbest of reasons

Just got notified my twitter account (@ciarin) is locked, and in order to unlock it I have to delete the offending tweet. Or I can appeal, so I appealed. My tweet got flagged for being hateful and I’m not allowed to harass or threaten on the basis of gender, gender identity, race, religion, disease, etc. The funny thing is, none of that occurred my tweet. It was a tweet AGAINST anti-trans bigotry. The person I called a cunt is a TERF(Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist). These are transphobic assholes who harass and endanger trans people, particularly trans women. But Twitter seems to think that I’m the bad guy, and locked my account. Meanwhile, all the transphobic accounts remain untouched. SO fucking stupid.

I will wait on the appeal, but if it doesn’t happen then fuck twitter. THey suck ass for allowed bigoted accounts with hate speech and lock the accounts that fight them. They allow donald trump for fucks sake. Such bullshit.