Sevenfold Goal

The Sevenfold Goal

The Sevenfold Goal is a doctrine and teaching tool intended to encapsulate in simple terms the goals of Fyrnsidu as a an organized religion:

* Freoð (Peace and Goodwill)

Freoð (frith) is a concept not readily summed up in one Modern English word. It is freedom, peace, and reciprocal goodwill, all in one. This is the ideal state for any society.

* Hlíséadignes (Renown)

Heathens are ever mindful of what legacy they will leave for posterity, for our deeds will echo through eternity. Every heathen should strive to live a life that will be written about, sung about, or spoken of with honor.

* Gástedóm (Spirituality)

To be mindful of the spiritual, the Gods, the ancestors and the otherworld is to be aware of our place in the greater whole which is the Eormensýl. This understanding leads to a balanced life.

* Mægen (Strength and Vitality)

To seek personal and collective power is a worthy goal, so long as this power is harnessed for the greater good of the society and the individual.

* Gearowitolnes (Sagacity)

To achieve a state of sagacity is to embrace wisdom over folly, to honor the quest for knowledge, and to ensure that others may benefit from wisdom and knowledge gained by one. One of the goals of the Fellowship is to ensure that our society collectively embraces life-ways and modes of thought which are creative, evolutionary, and expand the mind of the individual.

* Cystignes (Abundance)

Material wealth and prosperity are not endowments to be scorned, nor elevated above their rightful place, but rather cultivated wisely, shared, and enjoyed.

* Lufu (Love)

Love is the state of acceptance and reverence which occurs when all things and people within a given sphere are in their proper relationships. This sphere may encompass a couple, a family, a band of friends, an entire nation, or an even greater number of souls. The larger this sphere becomes, the more perfect the harmony within. It should be a goal not only of Heathenry, but all Men, to achieve a state of love within the bounds of their home, fellowships and society (innangeard), and to expand this innangeard if they are able. Love is the banisher of strife, the greatest of blessings and the noblest of pursuits.

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