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Marc Lewis is a bigot

So this guy I was following on instagram cause he had some funny videos about mass, and cities in MA, and food places, etc. Unfortunately, this guy has now done 2 bigoted videos that I know about. One was a couple weeks ago, about the migrants sleeping at Logan Airport. He called them illegals(they’re not), and basically lied about them and it was pretty disappointing. Then I see he did a video on the story going around claiming there’s a trans girl on the KIPP Academy girls high school basketball team. The story is from Itemlive and they say “reported” to be a trans girl who is over 6 feet tall and has facial hair and they were injuring other players so the opposing team forfeited and left. No one knows who “reported” it to itemlive. Of course it’s all unconfirmed bullshit, and the KIPP Academy team has already received death threat and had to cancel another match. Oh but these bigots claim to be worried about girls safety and send death threats, make it make sense.

For those who oppose this bullshit, I suggest donating to NAGLY, the Northshore Alliance of GLBTQ Youth. This bigotry and oppression toward trans people, or those thought to be trans, is intolerable and it behooves us all, trans and cis, to fight back when we see it. I’ve not only unfollowed that bigot, I also reported the reel on instagram.

Twitter Supports Domestic Terrorism

This is domestic terrorist Chaya Raichik. She will post about trans and gay people in order to get her audience to harass them, like calling in bomb threats to schools and hospitals. The photo she posted of herself on twitter is her holding a USA Today paper with a story about her domestic terrorist activity, and she’s proud of it. Twitter does nothing to stop her terrorism, in fact they encourage it. They pay her for it. They make money from people inciting violence against LGBT community, it is a shame that this is allowed to continue. Twitter supports domestic terrorists.