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Twitter Supports Domestic Terrorism

This is domestic terrorist Chaya Raichik. She will post about trans and gay people in order to get her audience to harass them, like calling in bomb threats to schools and hospitals. The photo she posted of herself on twitter is her holding a USA Today paper with a story about her domestic terrorist activity, and she’s proud of it. Twitter does nothing to stop her terrorism, in fact they encourage it. They pay her for it. They make money from people inciting violence against LGBT community, it is a shame that this is allowed to continue. Twitter supports domestic terrorists.

Twitter’s Anti-Trans Problem

Just as with racists, homophobes, and other bigots, Twitter is littered with accounts that voice anti-trans propaganda. I encounter them from time to time, whenever JK Rowling makes another pro-TERF tweet, or if a celebrity posts something in support of trans people. The comments are riddled with “Trans women are men” and it’s variations, as well as the old “it’s a mental illness” bullshit, which I fight against wholeheartedly. And I report their accounts as well as their tweets. And every once in a while, twitter will lock trans accounts(and trans ally accounts) for standing up to these bigots, in essence twitter defends anti-trans bigotry. That is Twitter’s anti-trans problem. And they’re probably not going to try to fix it.