Lava Hair

I dyed my hair to be fiery and hot. It’s lava hair. I also fried it with too much lightener 🙁

I ended up lightening about 5 times with 20 developer and purple lightening powder. I used arctic fox Sunset Orange, Poison, and Wrath for the red/orange and Ion dark radiant raspberry for the roots. I thought this too bright so I added dark brown dye. Actic fox washed out quickly so I had to keep refreshing every week, this lasted a month.

So I decided to redo the whole thing with manic panic Wildfire, Vampire Red, and Psychedelic Sunset. I also mixed a combo of vampire red, ion midnight blue, and black for the roots. And I lightened it again like an idiot further ruining my hair.

Manic Panic worked out much better, it’s closest to how I want it….although I think I want more orangey tips. It hasn’t faded yet after 3 weeks.


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