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Happy New Year!

Well it’s time for Æfterra Geol, the new year. Ready to do some new year resolutions, do my taxes, and try to remember the date is 2011 rather than 2010. Also 1 year left till the Mayan Calendar thing.


  • Continue the study the  history and language of my ancestral heritage: specifically England, Hungary, and Italy.
  • Continue to promote heathen values and thewas.
  • Continue the fight for custody of my daughter.
  • Continue to get back in shape, and go to the gym more regularly.
  • Save money and pay off the debts I owe.
  • Make sure I periodically practice my art and music.

I think that’s enough resolutions for now.

New Years Eve Plans

I’m gonna see what some friends are planning and try to join in. Otherwise it’s WoW as usual. As I don’t have a television,I will not be watching the ball drop in New York unless they have it streaming live on the intarwebs.

My New Goblin

This is my new goblin, her name is Jenzais. Currently level 14, she’s a cute little hunter with a boar for a pet named Ms Piggy. I’ve been satisfied with this new char and so I’m mostly playing her than my main(which I still haven’t leveled to 85). I’m having her do the Winter Veil quests, which is fun. Unfortunately, she’s too low to do all the achievements/quests for Winter Veil.

Cataclysm has been interesting to play so far. And I like how training is done for new chars. The only annoying bit is that I have a hard time finding anything in the capital cities. Everything is all switched around.