Overused Phrases

Politicians use the phrase “let’s be clear” waaaaaaaaay too often, and they follow it with a mere reiteration of what they’ ve already said making the phrase ubiquitous and inane. I doubt politicians actually want to clarify anything and the phrase is just something to “fill in” when they’re making their talking points and pretend they speaking plainly without the usual guise and fast-talking they are known for. It’s not working.

Another phrase they(as well as the silly pundits and commentators) overuse is “the american people”. They claim the american people wantthis, want that, say this, etc; I do not think “the american people” agree enough on anything for these people to claim these things about us. They use this phrase to make it seem they are one of the people and are giving us voice we would not otherwise have, which is absurd.

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