Twitter supports bigots and punishes those who call them out

Twitter has given me temp bans, restrictions, and forced me to delete posts that oppose bigotry in order to unlock my account, it’s always for anti-trans bigots, always. They just did it again, when I called out a transphobe acting like a trans woman in order to mock them. I appealed and they doubled down on defending anti-trans bigotry by saying I was abusive to a bigot by calling them out. The picture in the tweet I made is a screenshot of the transphobic troll before he decided to make an account mocking trans women. Twitter doesn’t care, they support bigotry anyway.

The transphobe trolling people as a trans woman has been called out already by others, and yet his account remains. The longer it remains, the more twitter supports abusive twitter accounts and hate towards trans people. Twitter supports bigotry and bullying and is punishing those who call it out.

Here are some more screenshots of the anti-trans bigot currently mocking trans people by pretending to be a trans woman on twitter. Twitter supports this. They don’t force this bigot to delete any of these abusive transphobic tweets, or restrict him in anyway.

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