A Memory of My Hat

About 11 yrs ago I was in the army. I met some people, one of them is named Chris Sperry. We were at the DLI in Monterey, CA. One day we decided to go into town to the hat shop. It was an awesome day to buy a hat. It will be the first hat I ever bought for myself. The hat store had all kinds of sweet hats. Cowboy hats, greek fishermans hats, scalley caps, fedoras, etc. The coolest hat ever, a brown leather apple cap. And it looked like this:


This was such an amazing hat. It’s legendary. I will explain why in a bit. Chris got a scalley cap I think, I’m not sure. But his hat definitely wasn’t as cool as my hat.

My hat was magical. It had powers. I do not yet know the full extent of the powers of that hat. One time I went to the movies with someone, and later that night we went to the legion. I suddenly realized I was without my hat! I was so mad at myself for leaving it at the theater. I left the bar and went back to the theater, but it was not there. I was sad and downtrodden. The next day someone gave me my hat. They had been at the movies too and saw it there and recognized it as my awesome hat and saved it for me. I was so relieved!

Another time I went to the beach with my friend Chris Sweeney. We did some sparring and wrestling. Later that night I realized I was without my hat AGAIN! Argh! I searched for it everywhere. Ended up going back to the beach but it was so dark out I couldn’t find it. Chris and I were both searching and searching. Nothing. I got so mad I threw my rental car keys on to the beach somewhere. Then I had to search for those too cause we would be stranded otherwise. Well as I was looking for the keys, I found them…..right next to my hat! so amazing!

So my hat was able to come back to me after several times of losing it. I had to leave Monterey and go to Ft. Leonard Wood, then I got stationed in Hawaii, where I could finally wear my hat again. I wore it at the enlisted club and some aussies were there and they called me angus! Too funny. Now here’s the sad part. I visited some friends that were still in Monterey, and another friend(Ledbetter) who was in cali. When the trip was over and I left to come back to Hawaii, I accidently left my hat on my friend’s car. He said he’d mail it to me but I never heard him again. I guess my hat wanted to stay in cali.

The next time I went to Monterey Ca, I went back to the same hat shop to buy another brown leather apple cap, but they no longer sold them. I ended up getting a greek fisherman’s hat. After I got out of the army I moved to Boston, and lost the Greek fisherman’s hat. I went to Cambridge and in that one shop that’s above the ben and jerry’s(don’t remember the name), they had a brown leather apple cap. I got it, but it just wasn’t the same. I ended up losing that one too.

I wish I had that hat.

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