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Website changes

My old site, ciarin. I don’t feel like paying for the domain anymore, and I rarely use it for anything other than photo albums. So the domain expires mid-june, and I’m in the process of transferring the sub-domains that contain photo albums over to this domain. The ones I’ll be transferring are: Pics, Isabella, Horde, and Art. Pics is going first, so when I set that up, and all goes well, I’ll put up a link on the menu. And perhaps random images popping up on the front page here. Next will be Isabella, the photo album of my daughter from birth to present, including some of her own artwork. Then I’ll do my art photo album, then the Horde one. The Horde has no connection to the World of Warcraft Horde, but rather it’s the nickname of a group of friends I have from high school. I don’t really keep in touch with them much anymore, but at least we still have the photos for remembering.

The following email addresses(which are spam laden anyway) will no longer be in use: