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<3 J!NX!

OK so I’m a gamer and I like to wear gamer themed clothing. So I buy from this company called J!NX. They have a great selection and I have a ton of WoW shirts, as well as others. So when you are a member and you buy stuff and do stuff on their website, it’s like playing a game: you earn jinx gold and earn experience(xp). Levelling up with experience gets you discounts and stuff. Jinx gold can be used when you buy merchandise. So I haven’t been able to buy stuff for a while, on account of my financial situation, and the gold I have accrued is about to expire in 2 weeks. So, I figure I’ll get something wicked cheap, like a button or a sticker or something. I picked out a horde pin for $1.99, and with my jinx gold it’ll be less than a dollar. Unfortunately there’s the shipping fee of $6.50. So I wrote a letter seeing about it to customer service, here’s what happened:


Message: I was thinking of using my jinx gold before it expires in two weeks. I don’t have a lot of extra money at the moment so I thought I would keep it under $5 and I chose a horde pin for $1.99, so with my jinx gold it would only be 99 cents. Unfortunately, the shipping is $6+ so it doesn’t really make sense to buy a $2 dollar pin and pay $6+ in shipping. Can something be done about that? Surely you could mail it with a postage stamp in an envelope rather than as a package. Or perhaps you can extend the expiration date of my jinx gold so I can use it when I have more funds available?

Just curious. If not, I’ll just let it expire.



Hi Anna,

Thanks for the email. Tell you what, I will simply add 650 gold to your stash to cover the shipping. Thanks for being a loyal J!NX customer. 🙂

Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Kaybi (Kellie Bave)
Customer Care Superhero
WOOT! Lovin’ it! How awesome is that? I encourage everyone to shop there! gogogo!