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Wolves of Vinland

I recently read this blog post by a guy named Jack Donovan. He talks about his experience with a heathen kindred called Wolves of Vinland. I’ve met a few of them via myspace a long while ago but dropped them after realizing their ideology is racist and sexist.

It looks like their ideology hasn’t progressed, and the guy even mentions they don’t like “enforced egalitarianism”. My first thought is “what’s wrong with egalitarianism and how is it enforced?” Weird.

Comments aren’t allowed on his blog post, so I decided to just make my thoughts known here. Feel free to comment below.

Inweorces Gildscipe

I’m a member of the Inweorces Gildscipe, a handicrafts guild. So far I’m knitting a hat. It’s taking a long time because I procrastinate and I get busy with other things, and sometimes I forget that I have a hat to knit, lol. I’ve posted a few pics of my knitting already, so the next time I post a it’ll be of the finished hat hopefully.

For those interested in the Inweorces Gildscipe, go here:

Currently, you have to be a member of the GFS to be a member of the guild, but it has a few good articles and how-to’s on things such as spinning, dying, etc.