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Updated my photo albums!

Haven’t done that in a long time.

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wise words

I seek to cure what’s deep inside, frightened of this thing that I’ve become

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Modern Whig Party

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Snow Storm guys….


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Melissa “Fart Facts” Mullins is a Moron

So, as many people know Hank Green was one of the people who got to interview the president recently. Knowing the internet, he’s going to receive some hate for it, especially by Obama’s moronic right wing haters. Here’s one of them. She really really likes the Fart Facts video and actually thinks that’s all Hank Green is known for. She writes for the newsbusters(dot)org website, which isn’t one of your more objective blog sites to say the least, so it’s unsurprising that she was allowed to post her inanity about Hank in this piece:


So, predictably, as an Obama hater, she claims Hank is a pawn for the white house, and denigrates him accordingly. And surprisingly, if you read the comments, a significant amount(not including my comments) reject her obvious attack on Hank and scold her accordingly. For example:

commentHer twitter account is set to private so we can’t see her posts on there, most likely to guard herself from the backlash of her absurd ramblings and remain in her echo chamber. Feel free to let her know what you think of her attack on Hank Green on there though, she most definitely reads them.


Hank Green responds to her comment here through this youtube video on his vlogbrothers channel.



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Wolves of Vinland

I recently read this blog post by a guy named Jack Donovan. He talks about his experience with a heathen kindred called Wolves of Vinland. I’ve met a few of them via myspace a long while ago but dropped them after realizing their ideology is racist and sexist.

It looks like their ideology hasn’t progressed, and the guy even mentions they don’t like “enforced egalitarianism”. My first thought is “what’s wrong with egalitarianism and how is it enforced?” Weird.

Comments aren’t allowed on his blog post, so I decided to just make my thoughts known here. Feel free to comment below.

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Creepers who look like Brad Pitt are still creepers…..

Dr. Nerdlove writes great stuff for those who are socially awkward, inept, etc. He writes about not being creepy, treat others as humans instead of objects on pedestals, not being sexist, know how to read body language, how to approach people, etc. Great advice! Here’s his latest about creepers and how some people have the idea that it’s only considered creeping if you’re not attractive.

Of course, as soon as anyone brings up the topic of creepy behavior, there’s the inevitable pushback, because why should men change – or even acknowledge – that they’re acting like creepers? Instead, it quickly becomes a referendum on how unfair it all is. One of the perennial defenses against creepy behavior is the ever classic, “If a hot guy does it, it’s not creepy!” The implication, of course, is that calling someone creepy is a way of punishing “ugly” men for daring to presume that they may stand a chance with someone who’s demonstrably out of their league. Even with the recent Hollaback street harassment video, people were quick to defend creepers by pointing out that their crime was to not be hot enough.

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Voting this year.

I will be voting for the first time. I’m currently in Boston, MA for the midterm elections and I registered over the summer. The state elections have 5 candidates for governor and 4 ballot questions. Unfortunately the Modern Whig party doesn’t have a candidate in the election, so we’ll have to make due with what we’ve got.

Gubernatorial Candidates

Evan Falchuk is the candidate from the United Independent Party, and he’s supported by the Modern Whigs of Massachusetts. I agree with his stances mostly; the housing for poor people for one, no tax breaks for corporations for another, also the idea of a progressive tax. He’s against money in politics and super pacs, so that’s a big plus. Here’s his entry in Ballotpedia. I disagree with his stance on GMOs, it is not a scientifically based stance, but an emotional one based on propaganda.

200px-Evan_Falchuk The money out of politics idea is very important. Little can change in our government(federal and local) if we continue to allow the Citizen’s United ruling to continue. A constitutional convention has been proposed, which Falchuk is for, that seeks to eliminate that ruling with an amendment of the US Constitution. This is why I support things like Wolf PAC, and CA and VT have already passed resolutions for the convention. It’d be great if MA could pass it as well. The money is out of hand, the legal bribery is far too much. But I digress.

So this will be the guy I’m choosing as my first vote. You may dislike that I’m not voting for someone from the Democratic or Republican parties, because it’s thought of as a wasted vote. Well, I don’t care. I vote my conscience; I don’t vote for anyone that isn’t worth voting for – regardless if there are no suitable choices. One of the reasons I haven’t voted till now. If he gets 3% of the vote then the United Independent Party will have primaries et al, which is good. We need to stop with the idiotic “two party system”. It’s progress.

Ballot Questions

  1. Gas Tax
  2. Water Bottle Deposit
  3. Casinos
  4. Sick Time

Here’s a good overview of each question from the Boston Globe. I’m ok with the gas tax being updated automatically with inflation, I’m ok with other bottles besides pop and beer having a deposit added. I’m also ok with casinos. The sick time one is pretty important, and I wholeheartedly agree with making employees provide sick time to their employees. On my facebook page I had made a list of decrees if I were ever emperor, and sick time was one of them. OF COURSE employees should have sick time, that is simply a no brainer. What, you want someone coming in to work sick(cause they can’t afford to lose the pay) spreading their sickness to others(especially if they handle food or otherwise interact with the public)? Aside from getting others sick, you also prolong the illness, same for injuries, which ends up costing more in the long run. Healthy workers are more productive workers, healthy citizens don’t burden our healthcare system as much. This is completely fucked up that it’s not already a thing. If you own a business and have a bunch of employees, then you had better offer sick time. Just do it, asshole. So, yea I’ll be voting for sick time.

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Another awful human being. Patrick Taylor.


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