Melissa “Fart Facts” Mullins is a Moron

So, as many people know Hank Green was one of the people who got to interview the president recently. Knowing the internet, he’s going to receive some hate for it, especially by Obama’s moronic right wing haters. Here’s one of them. She really really likes the Fart Facts video and actually thinks that’s all Hank Green is known for. She writes for the newsbusters(dot)org website, which isn’t one of your more objective blog sites to say the least, so it’s unsurprising that she was allowed to post her inanity about Hank in this piece:


So, predictably, as an Obama hater, she claims Hank is a pawn for the white house, and denigrates him accordingly. And surprisingly, if you read the comments, a significant amount(not including my comments) reject her obvious attack on Hank and scold her accordingly. For example:

commentHer twitter account is set to private so we can’t see her posts on there, most likely to guard herself from the backlash of her absurd ramblings and remain in her echo chamber. Feel free to let her know what you think of her attack on Hank Green on there though, she most definitely reads them.


Hank Green responds to her comment here through this youtube video on his vlogbrothers channel.



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