yea yea, the cake is a lie

So, I was curious about Portal and Portal 2 an I checked out the storyline and the game play. It looks interesting so I decided to play it, and luckily I have friends who play it and I got Portal as a gift and Portal was only $5 on steam which was cool-sauce. So I’m trying them out.

I’m playing them on my linux system rather than my windows 7 OS for once. So far so good. A minor glitch in the installation but that was resolved and I’m able to play without problems.


So yea, the cake is a lie.

Fancy Day

So every once in a while a friend and I would spend a Saturday doing a marathon of British period shows or movies. We recently watched Dickens’ Little Dorrit, and before that Wives and Daughters, and Cranford. Next up is Lark Rise to Candleford, then Downton Abbey, and finally Upstairs, Downstairs.

While we watch we have some fancy espresso and lattes, chai tea, fine chocolates, cheeses, crackers, etc. And other yummy treats.


<3 J!NX!

OK so I’m a gamer and I like to wear gamer themed clothing. So I buy from this company called J!NX. They have a great selection and I have a ton of WoW shirts, as well as others. So when you are a member and you buy stuff and do stuff on their website, it’s like playing a game: you earn jinx gold and earn experience(xp). Levelling up with experience gets you discounts and stuff. Jinx gold can be used when you buy merchandise. So I haven’t been able to buy stuff for a while, on account of my financial situation, and the gold I have accrued is about to expire in 2 weeks. So, I figure I’ll get something wicked cheap, like a button or a sticker or something. I picked out a horde pin for $1.99, and with my jinx gold it’ll be less than a dollar. Unfortunately there’s the shipping fee of $6.50. So I wrote a letter seeing about it to customer service, here’s what happened:


Message: I was thinking of using my jinx gold before it expires in two weeks. I don’t have a lot of extra money at the moment so I thought I would keep it under $5 and I chose a horde pin for $1.99, so with my jinx gold it would only be 99 cents. Unfortunately, the shipping is $6+ so it doesn’t really make sense to buy a $2 dollar pin and pay $6+ in shipping. Can something be done about that? Surely you could mail it with a postage stamp in an envelope rather than as a package. Or perhaps you can extend the expiration date of my jinx gold so I can use it when I have more funds available?

Just curious. If not, I’ll just let it expire.



Hi Anna,

Thanks for the email. Tell you what, I will simply add 650 gold to your stash to cover the shipping. Thanks for being a loyal J!NX customer. 🙂

Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Kaybi (Kellie Bave)
Customer Care Superhero
WOOT! Lovin’ it! How awesome is that? I encourage everyone to shop there! gogogo!

Scrapbooking and genealogy

Ok, done scrapbooking for a while. whew….I’m pleased with the results so far. I added some new pages to one of Isabella’s scrapbooks(she has three), and I added some photos to the family tree book, and updated some info therein. Wish I could afford a subscription to, oh well. My current family tree is here:

Time for a break…maybe some Diablo III.

Woot! Bike time!

I had lost my bike that my mom gave me last year, so I needed a new bike but I had no money for a new one. So I got a bike off craigslist but it was missing a headset. So I happened upon a bike shop and got 2 bikes(to use for parts), and a bike lock. So I just finished fixing the bike, and I took it for a test ride around the block. It works well enough till I can afford a better bike. So now I’ll be biking daily to help me get back in shape. Woot!


I finally got around to fixing up my site. All the blog posts are back, and I’ ve updated the theme.

Here are some other updates. I moved to Hampton, VA. I transferred to a nearby airport for my job. Currently looking for a second job. I still have my MINI, but unfortunately I am not allowed to have pets in this apartment. No more Kitty updates 🙁

I still have the Geol decorations up, I’ll probably take them down next week.

That’s about it.