PIV sex is always rape? No, not ok.

There’s a blog post that talks about PIV(Penis In Vagina) and how it is always rape. I find it hard to believe reasonable people would take it seriously but it has ended up being discussed over and over again in some discussion groups I’m in. Comments aren’t allowed on that blog post page anymore, and even if they were, I’m under the impression that any disagreement would be deleted and the commenter blocked. So, I’m going to post about it here.

1  234I’m not going to dissect the whole thing. Basically, my take on it is that this person, who describes herself as a “radfem”, is either trolling(Law of Poe) or she is an irrational person. Probably the latter. The idea that women have no agency to consent is absurd, and she doesn’t get to tell us otherwise. Furthermore, treating sex as if it’s some horrendous violent thing is as warped as some who treat is as a dirty sinful thing. Or a perverted thing. While some sex may be dirty, or perverted, this probably wouldn’t describe the sex of most couples.

Also, pretending all PIV sex is rape is deliberately making light of actual rape experienced by rape victims. Consensual sex with your partner is not on the level of non-consensual sex with anyone. Pretending women can’t consent is a farce.

I really hope people aren’t taking her seriously, she does not represent feminism in any way. She makes light of rape, and she is of the mind set that women have no will of their own, which is pretty anti-feminist, in my opinion. I encourage others who disagree with her to make your opinion known either through your own blog post, or a youtube video response.

Broaden the Base

“Broaden the base” is a terribly useless phrase. It means raising taxes on poor people rather than rich people. I’m willing to bet if the poor had a powerful lobby with the means to bribe politicians, this idea wouldn’t even exist. But I guess you have to have money for that.

Any politician using this phrase is automatically absurd.

Trayvon Martin

The Trayvon Martin case is a horrendous miscarriage of justice. Zimmerman should be in custody right now, and arrested. The fact that he could kill someone and then nothing happen to him is just infuriating. If you go by the 911 recording, Zimmerman comes off as a racist douchebag who was stalking Trayvon Martin and then killed him for no reason other than he’s a racist douchebag.

Some of my friends are posting on facebook that this was in self-defense(bullshit), and some complain why this is so newsworthy when there are other cases of black people committing crimes against white people. Because, asshole, those criminals were either caught or the cops are looking for them. This guy had NOTHING happen to him and he admits to shooting this kid. THAT’S THE REASON. And why the hell are caring about the newsworthiness of this? Were you complaining about the Casey Anthony case being newsworthy when there are many other cases of child murder? That’s a very stupid thing to complain about.

Overused Phrases

Politicians use the phrase “let’s be clear” waaaaaaaaay too often, and they follow it with a mere reiteration of what they’ ve already said making the phrase ubiquitous and inane. I doubt politicians actually want to clarify anything and the phrase is just something to “fill in” when they’re making their talking points and pretend they speaking plainly without the usual guise and fast-talking they are known for. It’s not working.

Another phrase they(as well as the silly pundits and commentators) overuse is “the american people”. They claim the american people wantthis, want that, say this, etc; I do not think “the american people” agree enough on anything for these people to claim these things about us. They use this phrase to make it seem they are one of the people and are giving us voice we would not otherwise have, which is absurd.